“Dating Website” 2012

Online dating is becoming very popular today. The reason for this is that the loneliness is a major problem in modern society as a result of the difficulties many of us have in getting close to others and sustaining intimate relationships. The virtual communication is a very easy way to avoid real life problems. Without doubts, it is much easier to write a letter to an unknown person than come up at the street and start a talk. Online dating allows both men and women make a first step without being afraid or shy. Some people are online trying to find the person they want to marry, while others are just trying to find a no-strings-attached relationship, just for a flirt, or sex for one night. Among them there are those who are not very satisfied with their appearance or life. They are happy to use the opportunity to pretend to be someone else, more attractive image of which can be found in one simple click on the Internet. And suddenly, virtual life becomes more bright and saturated than reality.

Other info:

On the main images are manually arranged and glued another pictures, which were printed on the transparencies.