“Dormitory. Fashion story” 2013

The dorm is a country where one can find political asylum from meddling parental guardianship. It is a ‘freedom island’ for pimpled non-resident youths exhausted by unexpected erection and emancipated pubescent lolitas.

There is no ‘mine’ and ‘yours’, everything is shared: shared shower rooms with slippery floors in a dark, damp and moldy basement where hot water is turned off for the summer period; shared musty toilets with a rusty sink and a bellowing running water tap, a clogged loo with floating cigarette ends and tampons.

The smell of food, cheap alcohol and marijuana is everywhere. In the dorm you are safe even if you are broke. You will always get your share of chips, a cup of tea, a smoke, a joint, claps – anything. And of course, the dorm is love – for an hour, for a night, forever…